Paintless Dent Removal describes a revolutionary way of removing small dents in a vehicle’s body without any paint. As long as the paint layer is intact, a variety of dented areas can be repaired using paintless dent removal. Paintless dent removal can be used on metal and aluminum panels alike. The process can even be used to repair small dents in the paint of a car or truck.

In addition to repairing small dents, this method can also be used to repair the metal components of your automobile. PDR is especially useful for cars that have sustained some type of damage to their suspension system. The damage may have resulted from an accident, bad weather, improper maintenance, or other factors. PDR is often used to repair bent panels, bent pipes, and other bent metallic components.

For vehicles that suffer from severe damage, PDR is often a requirement. This process is ideal for older vehicles with large dents. However, PDR is often used in new vehicles that suffer from paint chip damage or excessive rust. In fact, most of the time, you will perform a vehicle collision repair after your vehicle suffers damage from a collision. Typically, your insurance company will pay for the entire cost of the damage to your car if your car has a salvage title. The Insurance provider typically requires you to carry full coverage on your vehicle.

Typically, when your vehicle suffers a small or moderate damage, the majority of the work that you need to perform on the car can be performed by paintless dent removal technicians. These technicians have the tools, techniques, and training to repair or replace the damages to your car quickly and efficiently. Many paintless dent removal technicians are also experienced in repairing minor dings and scratches on glass, chrome, or bumpers.

One of the most common parts that receive paintless dent removal treatments is the hood. Some individuals mistakenly believe that the repair process for a damaged hood will be very similar to the repair process for a dented hood. This may not always be true. The reason is because paintless dent removal often involves significantly different techniques and tools than traditional collision repair technicians are accustomed to using. Typically, paintless dent removal technicians use steel wool pads to scrape off the original layer of paint and then use a chemical wash to prepare the area of the damaged panel for paint application. This process is quite messy, and most paintless dent removal technicians make sure that they thoroughly dry the damaged panel before applying a fresh coat of paint.

In order for paintless dent removal to work properly, there are several critical elements that must be present. The damaged panel must have adequate access to the ground for proper drying. Another critical element is that the surface on which the paintless dent removal is taking place must be flat and level. This will ensure that the technician receives an even coat of paint. The panel must also be protected from sun damage during the repair process. Proper UV lighting will help to protect the panel from damage caused by the sun’s rays, which can compromise the work performed by the technician.

While many of the techniques used by technicians performing paintless dent removal can be performed by a homeowner as well, it is often times more convenient and oftentimes cheaper for the technician to perform the procedure. Many insurance providers will pay for paintless dent removal if the damage is not due to driving while intoxicated or participating in other activities that are considered risky. High spots, dried paint, and dullness are also common causes of paint panel damage that requires the services of skilled professionals.

If the damaged area does not meet the above criteria, it will still likely be faster and easier for the technician to complete the repair. Paintless dent removal is also usually less expensive than traditional methods. Most technicians charge about $150 for one hour of work. In contrast, a professional auto body shop technician may need to estimate the total cost of repairing the auto body before making his estimate. If the dent repairs are completed quickly enough and safely, the cost of paintless dent removal can actually save money on the repair job because the technician can complete the job in far less time.