If you have hail damaged your car’s windshield, you are probably in need of hail damage repair immediately. How long should it take to get a quote for a repair? It depends upon many variables such as the size of the hail, how far away from your home it is, and what company you are working with. The following information will help you determine the approximate timeframe required for hail damage repair.

How Much Time Should Let For A Hail Damage Repair Estimate? An average hail damage repair usually takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour. During that time, an estimator follows a detailed, organized system of evaluating the number and severity of dents on your vehicle. After determining the severity of the damage, they assign a monetary value to the damages using a standard formula. This assigned value is then used to determine the approximate cost of your repairs. If you are in an area with a high population, the time it may take to have repairs made to your vehicle can be longer.

What Are The Characteristics Of Hail Damage? In addition to being extremely destructive, hail storms can also be extremely difficult to repair because hail often penetrates and crushes soft material such as plastics. As well, wind often penetrates into even tinier vehicles, further reducing repair time. Generally speaking, hail storms are not easy to repair, but with proper preparation you can greatly reduce the need to incur unnecessary expenses.

How Much Does Hail Damage Repair Cost? The estimate given after determining the severity of the hail damage will vary depending on the number of dents and other damage inflicted on your car. Determine the average cost of repairs by subtracting the minimum and maximum deductible you will accept. For example, if your car’s deductible is $200 and you incur damage that exceeds the deductible, you will owe that amount out of pocket. The deductible is the area where your insurance company cuts your savings.

What Kinds Of Hail Damage Can I Repair? There are numerous hail damage repair options available, including: paintless hail damage repair, body panels, and bumpers. Some repairs require specialized equipment, while others can be performed at home. Generally speaking, paintless hail damage repair is the least expensive option because there are no paints involved; thus, preventing rust and other corrosion.

Is Paintless Hail Damage Worth Filing A Liability Insurance Claim? If your vehicle sustained heavy damage from a hail storm without any paint, your insurance company likely will not cover the total cost of repair. If you have a nice paint job, it can be worth filing a claim with your provider. Keep in mind that paintless hail damage repair is not generally covered under your liability insurance policy. If your vehicle is worth repairing, your insurance provider will either pay to repair the vehicle or give you a credit for the expense if they consider it worthy of being repaired.

Body Panels – hail dented vehicles can suffer more severe damage than paintless dent repair because of the severity of the hail damages. This damage can occur even if the vehicle has a new paint job, as hail penetrates paintless panels much easier than intact panels. If your vehicle’s body panel has hail damage, your insurer may not cover the complete cost of repair because hail penetration into the metal is rare. Additionally, hail damaged panels are much more difficult to repair. If you are unsure whether or not your vehicle’s body panels are worth repairing, you should contact an auto body shop to determine if this option will be beneficial.

Pushing Tools – If your vehicle’s body panels were not damaged by hail but your vehicle did sustain some dented areas, your provider likely has something in store for you. Many automotive body shops have pushed tools that are used to repair hail-damaged body panels. These tools are made out of industrial rubber that easily pushes into each damaged area, giving you a smooth surface to paint over. You may want to consult with an auto body shop before purchasing any pushing tools. They will be able to help you select the best tool to fix your hail damaged car.