Paintless Dent Removal, also called bare-metal dent removal, refers to a technique of removing small dents in the auto body of a car. Since paintless dent removal makes use of no paint, any marks are left on the surface after the removal of the dent. This technique uses the same processes that are used in conventional paint removal. However, unlike conventional paint removal, no pigment is used in the paintless dent removal process. As long as the paint layer is intact, paintless dent removal can repair virtually any damage on the surface.

Many states in the United States have adopted paintless dent removal. This is mainly because it is a cheaper alternative to traditional bodywork repairs. In most states, such repairs are not mandatory, although many car owners still prefer them. In the UK, however, paintless dent removal is required for all cars sold in that country. Most of the car owners who choose to do such repairs in the UK do so because they are cheaper than other options.

Paintless car dent removal makes it possible to repair dented panels without affecting the rest of the car. Paintless dent removal makes it possible to fix dents without affecting the rest of the car. As long as you don’t paint over affected areas, you will be able to repair minor dents without having to affect the rest of the panel. It is important to note that paintless dent removal cannot repair dents caused by corrosion or impacts.

If you have dings and dents in your auto’s panels without damaging the rest of the panel, you can make do with paintless dent removal methods. There are a number of DIY options available and these can be useful alternatives to the more expensive and complicated paint job procedures. Some people may shy away from this type of repair due to the fact that they feel it is less desirable than traditional repairing. However, the good thing is that with modern technology, paintless dent removal has advanced to a level where it is fast, easy, affordable and safe.

Before beginning the paintless dent removal process, it would be in your best interest to take photographs of the damaged area. The pictures will be useful in helping the technician to determine which method will be best for repairing your vehicle. The photographs may also be helpful if you need to consult the repairman in case there are any complications with the repair process. The technician will be able to let you know which alternative would be better suited for repairing the damage.

There are two common types of paintless dent removal processes: sand blasting and high pressure injection. The type that the technician uses will depend on how deeply the dent is. For minor dings, the technician may opt to use the high pressure method whereas he may use the sand blasting method if the ding is deeper.

Sand blasting, as its name implies, uses high-pressure air or water to remove dirt and stains from the surface of your car. This method can remove small dents that are not very deep. In cases where the dent is deeper or there is not much room for the repair, the paintless dent removal technician will likely opt for the sand blasting technique. There are some instances where these two procedures may require the use of different tools. The technician may also ask you to bring your car to him so that he can carefully inspect it.

If the paint is chipped or damaged, a paintless dent removal technician can give you a new paint job that looks very similar to the old one. You can choose a color that blends with the current color of your car. You will just have to pay a lesser amount for this process since you do not need to pay for the labor cost associated with it. However, you should ensure that you have a skilled technician who has used the proper techniques when doing this procedure. The collision repair shop where you purchased your vehicle will typically provide this service for free to your car.